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About Us

We provide a wide range of services, consultancy and engineering design duties including environmental, utility services, energy services, energy performance certificates for building regulations and mechanical and electrical consultancy and engineering.

Our History

Ce2 was conceived to deliver pragmatic services solutions which represent extremely good value to our Clients and are environmentally robust.  We began over 25 years ago with our unique approach of integrating energy efficiency directly into the design process and have developed this further to incorporate renewables and sustainability objectives.

Our Strengths

We have a strong belief in the skills and experience of our staff and are committed to their continual professional development.  A measure of our success is demonstrated by our ability to recruit, develop and retain excellent people.  We will only work with ethical Clients who are building for the future with sustainable growth.  We are proud of our Client list and a further measure of our success is the long term relationships we have established with them.  Our strengths are our experience, our staff and our attitude.

Here For You

Commitment to your project.
Years of business.

Our Values


is about establishing trust, integrity and transparency within Ce2 and with our Clients and suppliers.  It includes listening to concerns, encouraging ideas and being willing to challenge established preconceptions and bring potential difficulties into the open at an early stage.  It also emphasises sharing good news and communicating about potential opportunities.


means working together to deliver the best possible solution for all concerned.  This involves using, sharing and respecting the different skills, knowledge and experience of everyone involved.

Mutual dependency 

recognises the importance of working closely with clients, colleagues and other professionals in such a way that both risks and rewards are shared and long-term sustainability is assured.  It is about recognising that success can only be achieved if all parties work closely together, understand each other’s objectives and seek to gain the best for all.

Professional delivery 

emphasises the need to deliver work in a professional manner, ensuring that targets are met, profit is made and quality, safety and environmental standards are maintained.

Sustainable growth 

is developed by judging our focus on today's objectives and when and how to invest in the future.  It is about enhancing the development of Ce2 through forming long-term relationships with our clients, acting with the whole group in mind and creating a fast and flexible approach to the ever-changing business environment.


is our constant search for fresh or novel approaches and improvements to every aspect of delivering our solutions.  This includes strategies, products, services and ways of working that enable Ce2 and our clients to create competitive advantage.  Innovation comes from sharing knowledge, focusing on continuous improvement and encouraging originality.

Environmental Statement

An increasing number of organisations have embraced the principle that business can be good for the environment and that significant competitive advantages can be gained by implementing energy saving and sustainable development as a fundamental precept of strategic planning.
It is our policy to conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner. We accept that concern for the environment and sustainability should influence the services provided by the Company and be incorporated into those services
We recognise that the operations at our own premises and facilities also have environmental consequences, and this policy extends to cover the premises we occupy, and the materials we use.

In implementing the policy, we will;

  • Ensure compliance, as a minimum standard, with all relevant environmental legislation;
  • Wherever practical, comply with codes of practice and other requirements, for example as specified by our customers;
  • Take environmental impact into account in the planning, design and implementation of our projects and contracts to help prevent pollution;
  • Incorporate environmental and sustainability considerations into our design standards and practices with regard to the use of materials, energy consumption, waste disposal and recycling;
  • Provide appropriate environmental training for our own staff, and promote environmental awareness amongst our suppliers, contractors and partners.

Equal Opportunities

We do not discriminate on grounds of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, trans-sexualism, age, race, ethnic origin, religious conviction, or disablement. Staff have equal opportunities for employment and advancement on the basis of their ability, qualifications and suitability for the work.

We do not tolerate any form of harassment, bullying or intimidation and we ensure complaints are dealt with promptly, effectively and fairly.

The company’s equal opportunity policy is intended to eliminate discrimination and reflect a zero tolerance to harassment and bullying. Any breach of policy will be considered a disciplinary offense and subject to our normal disciplinary procedures.

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We provide a wide range of services, consultancy and engineering design duties including environmental, utility services, energy services, energy performance certificates for building regulations and mechanical and electrical consultancy and engineering.