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Building Modelling

Ce2 are geared up to undertake all domestic and non-domestic Part L requirements and future regulations currently being considered.

For non-domestic buildings, compliance can be demonstrated using the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) calculation tool or through active simulation using approved Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) software.  The latter is often the preferred option for designers as this also provides accurate feedback on environmental conditions, plant loading and operating costs.

Part L compliance methods calculate the energy use and carbon dioxide output of a building in order to measure it against that of a comparable ‘notional’ building from which a target emissions rate is calculated.  These calculations of energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions are produced from inputs of building use, geometry, construction, lighting and installed HVAC systems.

Using the building modelling software method, we are able to pre-create the client's building and liaising with architects, reduce project costs substantially through passive design by optimising the building construction fabric.
Ce2 routinely carry out building simulations for both planning policy requirements and building regulations compliance as well as other non-compliance design studies.

Our Role:

  • Collate information regarding construction details and building layout
  • Computerised 3D virtual construction of the proposed building
  • Complete annual 3D simulation of the proposed building with Met Office weather data
  • Annual Carbon Emission Calculations for the proposed building
  • 3D virtual construction and annual simulation of notional building (as required by L2A) Assessment of Part L2A compliancy
  • Proposal, if required, for alterations to original design to obtain Part L2A compliancy

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