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Building Regs

Building Regs Part L

Part L of the Building Regulations detail the required standards for dwellings, new and existing, and all other new and existing buildings..

All new buildings, both domestic and non-domestic must better a target rate for their annual carbon dioxide emissions requiring serious consideration by designers in the construction industry.  The method as et out allows some flexibility to the designer in choosing to improve combinations of the building fabric, plant efficiency and consideration of renewable schemes.

SAP Procedures

The SAP procedure for domestic buildings incorporates building fabric lighting energy, renewable and energy saving technology and takes into account the effects of thermal bridging.

For non-domestic buildings, compliance can be demonstrated using the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) calculation tool or through active simulation using approved Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) software.  The latter is often the preferred option for designers as this also provides accurate feedback on environmental conditions, plant loading and operating costs.

Ce2 continue to lead the industry with cost effective solutions to Part L compliance.  Our team carry out both domestic and non-domestic projects and provide your compliance documentation.

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