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The issue of fuel consumption is becoming more and more important in today’s ever changing world.  Fossil fuels continue to dominate in providing our thirst for energy but technological advances continue to provide more efficient alternative supplies of energy. 
Renewable sources of energy such as solar thermal water heating and biomass boilers are becoming more popular choices in building design as provision for renewable technology is now frequently required to obtain planning permissions. 
In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, with the increasing nature of energy prices they may save you some money as well!


Renewable technologies can be a very visual way of demonstrating your commitment to reducing a building’s carbon footprint but what about reducing the energy consumption?
By considering ways to reduce the demand on services at the design stage, huge savings can be made in terms of utility bills and mean doing your bit for the environment.  Ce2 has vast experience of working within design teams to efficiently reduce building energy demand and water consumption.  Sustainability only begins energy consumption and encompasses all aspects of the build process.
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The BREEAM assessment procedures have been developed to measure the environmental impact for new developments projects and measuring, to effect reduction.  As well as the actual finished building performance it deals with all details of the construction from material sourcing to waste disposal and the impact on the surrounding area, wildlife and infrastructure.  It can be used to demonstrate the sustainability features of building developments and provides a marketable illustration of the development’s green credentials for promotional purposes.
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